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The Peach Cheesecake Ranch is my latest brainchild. My way of

bringing my calling to life. It is a creative retreat and meeting space where you can capture, catalyze and take action on your best thinking.

Welcome to The Ranch

Team Off-sites | Strategy Sessions | Team Building

Project Management and Productivity Coaching

What do you need?

I got you.


I've spent 25+ years as an agency, brand and creative project manager.  The methods. The connections. The imagination. And more. All yours.

I work closely with leaders, small businesses, entrepreneurs and teams to focus their gifts and talents on the work that matters. My motto: everything can be done with ease and grace. 

How I do my work. 
  • Freelance project management

  • One-on-one productivity coaching.

  • Develop and curate dynamic strengths-based teams.

  • Make it easier to do the things that seem hard. 

  • Bring a sense of play and curiosity to every interaction. 

  • Create the space where epiphanies happen.

  • Deliver outstanding results on time and on budget. 

  • Think at a high level AND execute.



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Project Work
See the forest for the trees.


What do you need? Let me help you bring clarity to your project. If I can't help you, I have a vast and talented network of folks who can.

I am a clutter cancelling creative catalyst that loves to shepherd teams toward great work. 



  • Websites & Applications

  • Marketing & Strategy

  • Event Management

  • Community Engagement

  • Team Building

(SHuh'ret), noun. an intesive effort to map solutions or finish a project. 
Get clear. Real quick.


Get clear. Real quick. I use short intense bursts of creativity called Charrettes to harness the talents, knowledge, and energies in the room to build momentum, buy-in and a clear direction, usually within an hour or two.

  • Avatar/persona builder

  • Project scope + estimating

  • Work flow visualization

  • Product attributes

  • Elevator pitches

  • Business model canvas

  • Buyer’s journey

  • Play with your Food – Team building with cooking

Each Charrette includes a capture and findings document delivered within 24 hours.

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